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Revolutionising Service Transactions with UG Coins on Urban Gaffa

Business - Jan, 25, 2024

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The Urban Gaffa has introduced a radical concept of using UG Coins through which the experts will be able to provide the services such as carpentry, plumbing, web designing, etc through this amazing platform. This blog post aims to shed some light on the significance of UG Coins within the Urban Gaffa platform.

Now, let’s understand more about UG Coins and their functioning…!

What are UG Coins and How Do They Work?

UG Coins act as the virtual currency that is used within the Urban Gaffa ecosystem to accelerate seamless, quicker, and safe coin transactions occurring between our experts and on the grounds of the Urban Gaffa. Moreover, these are not like using traditional currencies, such as filling a legal tender form, but a kind of digital asset to be used on the Urban Gaffa platform.

Here are some briefly explained points of how UG Coins are operated:

  • Customer Posting Jobs: Customers post jobs on Urban Gaffa depending upon the services they need ranging from home improvement services like plumbing and carpentry to various other business service requirements such as web designing, fitness, lifestyle, etc.

  • Expert Notification: Once the job is posted by a customer, experts, on the other hand, who are already registered on the Urban Gaffa podium will receive real-time notifications via the UG Expert App installed on their phones, thus informing them about the new incoming leads.

  • Using UG Coins: Once the experts are notified about the incoming leads, they will review the job details and if suitable, will apply for it using already purchased UG Coins from the Urban Gaffa. Remember, that every lead has a specific coin value that is based on the given job description by the client, thus, ensuring fair, easy, transparent, and secured transactions.

  • Safe Coin Transactions: Urban Gaffa helps the experts by abolishing the burden of making real-time payments for each lead they apply for through UG Coins. This technique will surcharge an extra layer of assured safety on their transactions because our experts purchase UG Coins from Urban Gaffa using real currency. Therefore, it is the complete responsibility of this renowned platform to make safe and secure transactions. 

In addition, this podium has also bestowed their experts with the added benefit that they do not have to use their credit card details repetitively throughout the process once they have purchased the UG coins from the Urban Gaffa.

  • Refund and Flexibility in its Usage: In any case, if an expert doesn't secure a job, or in simple words, they haven’t applied for that job, then the UG Coins that are spent on that previous lead will be returned to the expert’s account, thus providing the flexibility to apply for other leads again using those same UG Coins. Hence, this ensures that Urban Gaffa allows their experts to only spend their coins on those leads that they actively apply for.

Why UG Coins?

UG Coins has addressed variegated problems that our experts face in receiving numerous leads daily and applying to them with real currency. This is not only cumbersome but also poses various security risks. Therefore, using the UG coin strategy is an innovative approach that can streamline the process, safeguard it, and provide assured security for experts to engage with their potential clients effectively and efficiently.

UG Coin Packages and Offers

Registered experts are authorized to explore deeply on various UG Coin packages by downloading the UG Expert App, as it frequently offers discounts and special promotions on UG Coins, thus making it even more alluring for our experts to invest stress-free in this ground-breaking technology of digital currency.

In addition to this, Urban Gaffa has created a special perk for our new experts who have recently registered on the app. They are eligible to use a complimentary 30 UG Coins that they can use once they have downloaded the UG Expert app on their mobile phones. Urban Gaffa is bestowing its new users with this incentive not only to motivate them but also to allow them to reap the benefits of using UG Coins. This will demonstrate to them that Urban Gaffa dedicatedly supports its users who are showing combined efforts to make this platform renowned in the UK.


Urban Gaffa has become the go-to platform for managing the service by creating a seamless connection between clients and experts, and UG Coins, on the other hand, has revolutionized the service transactions that are occurring in today’s digital world through providing convenience, assured safety, and flexibility, and creating a win-win situation for both customers and experts. 

So, download the UG Expert App today to explore the world of UG Coins and get a complimentary 30 UG Coins on first joining.