Data Deletion Policy | Urban Gaffa

Data Deletion Policy


This document outlines the data deletion policy of Urban Gaffa, formerly known as Urban Gaffa. It explains the rights of individuals regarding data deletion under UK data protection law and the corresponding responsibilities of Urban Gaffa in handling such requests.

Individual Rights:

An individual possesses the right to erasure, commonly known as 'the right to be forgotten.' This right allows individuals to request the deletion or removal of their personal data when there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.

When the Right to Erasure Applies:

As per UK data protection law, the right to erasure applies in specific circumstances:

  • When personal data is no longer necessary for the original purpose of collection/processing.
  • If the individual withdraws consent.
  • When the individual objects to processing, and there is no other legal ground for the processing.
  • If the personal data was unlawfully processed.
  • When erasure is required to comply with a legal obligation.

Information Retained by Urban Gaffa:

The Urban Gaffa online system, "Interplace," stores data to create a Team Role Report. Information stored includes name, email address, gender, organization/department (if provided), and subsequent Team Role scores. This data is securely stored on servers in the UK for 90 days, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

With consent, additional personal data (address, telephone number, and notes) may be stored in the CRM system for communication purposes regarding Urban Gaffa news, products, and promotions.

Data Deletion Process:

  • For Team Role Reports purchased directly from Urban Gaffa, data controller responsibilities are upheld. Urban Gaffa will delete Team Role data (scores) upon request, account closure, or after three years.
  • In cases where an organization purchases access to the Urban Gaffa Online Account, Urban Gaffa acts as the data processor. The customer, as the data controller, must ensure data is not held longer than necessary.
  • Users of the Urban Gaffa Online Account can delete data from the Interplace system at any time. Once deleted, data cannot be recovered by any users or Urban Gaffa employees. Sufficient warning is given before permanent deletion.
  • Data may still exist in backup files, which are periodically deleted. Information in the CRM system can be deleted upon request to Deletion is committed within one month, with a confirmation sent upon completion.

Urban Gaffa undertakes to fulfill deletion requests promptly, aiming to complete them in advance of the one-month deadline whenever possible.